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Hello - my name is Lori Diggle


I'm a writer and visual artist and archived here are some of my creative projects. These include sound-walks, paintings and examples of doctoral research into the life of a medieval Cornishman and translator, John Trevisa. My PhD constructed a poetics of uncertainty in words, images, sounds and objects - some found, some fabricated - and tenuous lines of enquiry, webs of plausibilities that all in some way bind us to another time and place


The research attempts to answer the question, in our remembering bodies what remains and what is lost?


I'm interested in the slippery relationship between histories and fictions in geopoetic, site responsive work about the past


Some of my work explores alternative formats for the book, to free poetry from the page


Inside books poems sit dry as pressed flowers, as powdery frail as the wings of moths and butterflies, skewered with a pin


I am curious about the life of the poem, about where it comes from, about how you can sometimes trace the warmth and shape of it, in anticipation of its arrival, like stumbling across a hollow in the grass where a beast once slept and to where it might return

But most of all I am interested in how to speak authentically about the past, about the differences between memory and history and about how to archive any performance, meaningfully,, once it is over

Some of my paintings attempt to explore these dilemmas and function as visual traces of performances in the landscape or interiors


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