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The Deer, the Duck and the Raven

This is a circular sound-walk beginning and ending at the Penn Inn roundabout, Newton Abbot, Devon. It arose out of a community effort to renovate the space after the construction of a new road and flyover.

The Penn Inn roundabout and its underpasses form a vital crossing point for the residents of Milber and Buckland to access the amenities of the town on foot. The site has a rich history which was in danger of falling from its rightful place in the cultural imagination of the area.


A sound-walk is different to an audio-guide. The experience is immersive and sometimes disorienting. It is not unusual to feel a little lost or confused, but this feeling usually subsides. Some users prefer to listen to the walk in advance, consulting a map. Others prefer to surrender to errance  - the chance of being deliberately led astray. It will take about 90 minutes to do the walk and involves off road walking along some potentially muddy tracks. There are one or two uphill sections and a couple of stiles to negotiate.

To find the sound-walk, click on the button.


You will need a free SoundCloud account to download the work to your laptop. You can then transfer the file to your phone, so that you can listen, with headphones, as you walk the route.

To return to this site - open my profile in SoundCloud and click on the 'artwork' link. 

"Just to let you know how much I enjoyed following the sound-walk this morning. There was a spine-tingling moment when I was completely alone and three deer appeared just as you began to tell the story about the discovery of the three finds. They looked at me, I looked back, they disappeared into the woods. It was very special... "  

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